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Museums provide activities for numbers of visitors comparable to attendance of sports events in many major U.S. cities. However, cities with at least four major museums, such as Washington DC and New York City, have dramatically higher visitor totals for museums, and those numbers appear to increase exponentially with each major museum. Those cities subsequently attract many more out-of-town visitors than most other U.S. cities. Even the addition of one or two major museums to a city may exponentially increase visitors to all of its museums, while also having a positive impact on most of the city’s other cultural resources.

Houston's three major museums currently exceed total attendance of its four major sports teams' events. The addition of the Houston Museum of Culture will provide a dramatic increase (represented with light blue, shown in the fourth bar), and with the impact of higher visitor numbers at each museum, the total visitors to all museums is projected to exceed 6 million (represented with grey). This is an important goal for Houston to achieve for economic benefits, viability of cultural assets, international standing, ability to host international events, as well as the internal benefits of improved cultural experience, education, and quality of life.

While Houston may take for granted that, as an entire city, it is a sort of museum of culture, far beyond the scope of most other U.S and world cities. But considering the limitless benefits and existing resources available for Houston to formally develop its own modern version of the Smithsonian, the concept of the Houston Museum of Culture is infallible.

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