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International Museum Visitors

This brief report compares visitation of major museums in prominent international cities, as well as museum visitation compared with attendance of professional sports events.

Specifically, it compares visitation of Houston museums with those in several prominent international cities and with Houston professional sports teams (a benchmark of many U.S. cities). Aside from the obvious economic benefits, readers of the report will note that there is tremendous room for growth in Houston museums and that Houston needs one or two additional major museums to help support and sustain many of its other cultural resources.

The report introduces basic information about trends in museum visitation, as well as motivation to visit museums. These extensive and dynamic subjects are further covered in live presentations for those interested.

And, the report gives a sense about the missions of the various museums that rank among the most significant in the world. They frequently examine culture and civilization by utilizing a variety of social sciences.

With prominent science and art museums, a distinctive space center, and a landscape of many heritage and cultural centers (as well as several more in the works), Houston's most provident new museum, with the greatest potential to be a major international attraction, is the Houston Museum of Culture.

The Houston Museum of Culture will utilize the best practices and features from existing international museums of culture. It will be the most innovative and effective education center about the world's civilizations and ways of life in the past, present and future.

  Report on Visitors to International Museums

Introduction: International Museum Visitors

Significant International Museums

Examples of Prominent Museums of Culture

Visitors to Top Three Museums in Prominent Cities

Visitors to Major Houston Museums

Major Sports Attendance Compared with HMNS

Sports Attendance Compared with Museums

Additional Notes

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