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We are working toward goals that are large, even enormous, and beyond the imagination of most people today. There is almost certainly not a project out there today that will have the extensive impact on the city as the Houston Museum of Culture. As people learn about the content, benefits and the vast potential of the museum, they overwhelmingly react with enthusiasm. But, as good as the concept is, support isn't going to expand across the city without major effort.

The founding process alone will need the support of up to 20,000 people through key meetings, community activities and media. We don't live in a time when large numbers of people can view themselves as the founders and early supporters of something that has the potential to rank as one of the most important institutions in our city and even the nation. A major goal is to involve the broadest possible spectrum of the city.

Vast outreach is needed. And its purpose must be to deliver a consistent and orderly message. Many resources and informational media need to be in place before the effort moves forward or grows too large. The effort needs competent, organized and focused individuals, as well as significant funding.

There are additional goals in our Vision for Houston. Though it is a plan to establish a major museum in a decade, it is also a plan to create a permanent base for our Camp Dos Cabezas Scholarship Program and to extend the reach and impact of our existing programs. We plan to acccomplish these goals in one to five years.

Over the next few weeks, this page will link to information about the goals and the intended outcomes, further resources on line, and an overview or prospectus that can be printed or emailed. Everyone is welcome and needed in these efforts. As previously described, this includes holding fundraising events, building founding committees, organizing presentations to influential Houston organizations and community leaders, and preparing marketing and media campaigns. The current step is to organize committees for outreach to key areas, i.e. university departments, neighborhood and community organizations, and Houston policy makers.

It is important to stay up to date with our plans to implement the stated goals and to offer assistance in the areas you identify where you can be most effective.

What You Can Do
Funding and outreach are critical to this effort. Please pass this information on to others and contact us to learn about more ways to be involved.

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