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The great cities of the world offer the greatest museums, and they are known for their distinctive museums. The museums are usually representative of the legacy of each city and nation, as well as the historic and cultural impact and contributions the cities have made to civilization.

In the 2012 World Cities Culture Report, London Mayor Boris Johnson said, "World cities are international hubs for commerce and trade, but as this groundbreaking report makes clear, they are powerhouses for culture too -- in London the creative industries alone contribute 19 billion ($28 billion) to our economy and employ 386,000 people. In coming together as city leaders and policymakers we want to harness the full potential of culture, which makes our cities exciting and desirable places to live in and visit, but also makes a massive contribution to wider social and economic goals."

The above graph represents visitors at several prominent international museums. The museums are among the most significant cultural assets of their respective cities. With 28.1 million visitors in 2013, the Smithsonian (all units combined) is the most visited in the world. Smithsonian visitors have exceeded 30 million in recent years.

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Significant International Museums

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Visitors to Top Three Museums in Prominent Cities

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