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Dedication and visionary leadership will be key to achieving the goals presented. Please refer to this page as we move forward to learn where we need your involvement. Several priority needs will soon be posted.

Though the timelines vary, these are the larger goals:

1. Establish and build the Houston Museum of Culture
2. Increase activities of the Digital Story Resource Center
3. Establish a permanent site for Camp Dos Cabezas
4. Extend youth programs to benefit more students
5. Increase public access to our music and arts programs

Over the course of the next few months we will identify many steps along the way that must be taken, including outreach events, fundraisers, media campaigns, strategy meetings and more. While we need significant numbers of volunteers, we first need increased leadership in these efforts to: recruit and coordinate volunteers; plan and host events for influential Houstonians; facilitate committees charged with holding fundraisers; write and design proposals and prospectuses; seek technical services; contact media; and more.

It is important to understand that these are not light volunteer duties; these are leadership roles of the founders of a major museum, a permanent youth camp, high-profile programs for Houston, centers to extend critical programs to communities in need, and much more. Rather than looking to see if others can accomplish the goals, these positions require individuals who are confident that they can meet the challenges.

If you are an accomplishment-oriented person who can take on sizeable challenges, please forward your contact information to the phone number or email address below, along with a short description of the challenges you believe will suit you best.

What You Can Do
Houston Institute for Culture's Vision for Houston is an extremely important and ambitious plan to improve our communities and bring national and international prominence to the city. This effort requires leadership, outreach and funding.

Contact Houston Institute for Culture if you have leadership abilities and would like to organize significant aspects of the goals presented. This includes holding fundraising events, building founding committees (such as the Friends of the Houston Museum of Culture), organizing presentations to influential Houston organizations and community leaders, and preparing marketing and media campaigns.

Funding and outreach are critical to this effort. Please pass this information on to others and contact us to learn about more ways to be involved.

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