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Grand Vision for the Houston Museum of Culture - Progress Overview

Concept: Central museum organization with several units and other affiliates, similar to the Smithsonian Institution and Museum of New Mexico

Benefits: Education, Productive Entertainment, Youth Activities, Quality of Life and Environment, Tourism, Community Aesthetics, City Stature

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Houston Museum of Culture (HMOC)

Location: Phase 2: Undetermined, International District and Greater Sharpstown District, vicinity of Hwy 59 and Beltway 8; Near major Points of Interest

Progress: Concept complete

Next Step: Board development

Connections: International Management District, Greater Sharpstown Management District, International Trade Center

Topics: civilizations, cultures, social sciences, history, languages, religions, cultural arts, architecture, literature, education, geography, environment, food traditions, health, industries, occupations, social life, media, technology, law, public policy, conflict, economy, migration

Activities: permanent and touring exhibits, touring exhibit launches, performances, films, lectures, workshops, demonstrations, arts market, food, festivals, hands-on and interactive activities, conferences, classes, media production, youth programs, resources, visitor services


Houston Museum of Music History (HMMH)

Location: Phase 1: Jensen at Navigation in Historic East End; Near major Visitor Attractions

Progress: Concept complete and Board established

Next Step: Construction

Connections: Greater East End Management District, Super Neighborhood 64 & 88, East End Chamber of Commerce, POH, Harrisburg Reinvestment Zone (TIRZ) 23, Eastwood Civic Association, Carol Alvarado (Texas House of Representatives, District 145), Sylvia Garcia (Texas State Senate, District 6), more

Topics: regional music history, music traditions, popular culture, counter culture, occupations and social life, topical trends, stories, technology, Houston regional growth and immigration

Activities: exhibits, live music demonstrations, preservation, public history archives

Early Use: planned Houston Museum of Culture exhibit center, Houston East End Museum


Houston Center for Urban and Street Arts (HCUSA)

Location: Kingspoint Road, Almeda Mall vicinity off of I-45; On route to major Visitor Attractions

Progress: Shared vision forming

Next Step: Outreach

Connections: Houston ISD, Rainbow Valley Civic Club, Hobby Area Management District, University of Houston College of Architecture, others TBD

Topics: arts (modern, visionary, urban, street, mural, graffiti, folk), custom cars and bikes, sculpture, visual anthropology, urban design

Activities: community and creative arts demonstrations, unique exhibits, permanent and temporary displays, live music, performances, festivals, youth activities, student internships, community resources, classes, independent art market, gardening, produce market

Early Use: possible festival and farmers / crafts market site, youth programs, outdoor performance space, Houston Wildflower Seed Farm (starter location)


Houston Museum of Oceanography and Maritime Archaeology (HMOMA)

Location: Undetermined, Clear Lake / Kemah / Seabrook area; Near major Visitor Attractions

Progress: Concept developing

Next Step: Build connections

Connections: Kemah Boardwalk (Tilman Fertitta), Kemah City Council, Seabrook City Council, Houston-Galveston Area Council, UH-Clear Lake, Galveston Bay Foundation, others TBD

Topics: coastal history and geography, regional marine archaeology, indigenous cultures, trade, exploration, recreation, ocean sciences, environmental science, ecology, climate change, ocean acidification, marine biology, meteorology, hydrology, tides, sea level, hurricanes, wetlands, coastal forests

Activities: exhibits, hands-on activities, youth programs, environmental education, scientific and meteorological data collection, archives, resources, lectures, visitor services, food, mini festivals, related arts markets


View Visitor Attractions and Points of Interest Noted on the Map (with Proximity to Planned and Proposed Museum Units)

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