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Grand Vision for the Houston Museum of Culture - Unit Descriptions

Concept: Central museum organization with several units and other affiliates, similar to the Smithsonian Institution and Museum of New Mexico

Benefits: Education, Productive Entertainment, Youth Activities, Quality of Life and Environment, Tourism, Community Aesthetics, City Stature

Houston Museum of Culture (HMOC)

The Houston Museum of Culture will start in Houston's historic East End. It will be a main attraction in a building that is slated for construction in the near future. The infrastructure groundwork for these important developments is currently being implimented by the Greater East End Management District.

The museum will grow to serve other areas of Houston and accomodate expanded subjects in arts, social sciences and more. Its main museum complex, with various exhibit halls, performance spaces, community activity centers and education resources, will likely expand in Southwest Houston. This region of Houston is a perfect setting for understanding of diverse cultures, social dynamics, transformative trends and even world civilizations.


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Development Plan and Progress

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Consider the Houston Astrodome

Houston Museum of Music History (HMMH)

The Houston Museum of Culture's original site will launch its next phase. As it grows to be one of Houston's major museums, it will continue to serve the East End. With its proximity to downtown and the newest international hub for traveler, William P. Hobby Airport, the museum will continue to serve the East End. Possible subjects include Houston's industrial developments in the East End, including railroads, the ship channel and space flight, as well as its dynamic immigrant history.

The original East End site is anticipated to be the location of a museum for Houston's fantastic music history, as the industrial East side is the cultural confluence for much of the city's music and other social life activities.


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Houston Center for Urban and Street Arts (HCUSA)

Houston is a phenomenal center for modern and fine arts. Hidden in the urban sprawl, however, are many forms of under-represented arts, including industrial, visionary and traditional arts, along with the home engineering of custom cars and bikes. Increasingly, it is a volitile setting for street arts, where education, appreciation and opportunity are needed.

The Kingspoint area of southeast Houston is a growing center for urban and street art activity, including murals and graffiti, in prominent gatherings, like the International Meeting of Styles from Weisbaden, Germany. The potential inclusion of youth programs and academic centers, like the emerging field of visual anthropology, make this a critical location for an active arts and community center. Architectural plans have been developed for the site, though other opportunities to build in the region exist.


Progress Overview

Meeting of Styles

Houston Museum of Oceanography and Maritime Archaeology (HMOMA)

We have just started to test the water, so to speak, to explore the best possible long-range plans for a very exciting "Ocean Center" to compliment the Clear Lake area's Space Center Houston. Scientists say we know as little about the oceans as we know about space. And people are very interested. In the ideal historic location, the vision for this unit of the Houston Museum of Culture includes many subjects related to oceanography and maritime archaeology.

Through a strong working relationship with the Texas Seaport Museum in Galveston and the Houston Maritime Museum, the museum will present exciting tours and visitor services. The educational usefulness and tourism potential will provide tremendous benefits for many centers on Galveston Bay and the Texas Coast. It will help our communities protect fragile coastal ecosystems. And its most needed future role may be to help people understand potential impacts to our ways of life and other effects of climate change.


Progress Overview

Grand Vision for the Houston Museum of Culture - Progress Overview

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