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In 2005, Houston Institute for Culture set out to establish highly effective programs in several key areas: beneficial youth programs that empower students to improve their communities; a youth camp to inspire at-risk children to develop interests and achieve success in their lives; media programs to promote the best ideas to address cultural and social issues; music and arts events to improve quality of life and cross-cultural experience; and, important community resources.

Building on these successes, Houston Institute for Culture is launching a bold new vision for Houston in 2010. It is perhaps the most important set of programs we can provide for Houston; to meet the needs of our communities, give our youth a positive future and make the city a truly great place to live. We need your support to achieve these critical goals:

1. Establish and build the Houston Museum of Culture
2. Increase activities of the Digital Story Resource Center
3. Establish a permanent site for Camp Dos Cabezas
4. Extend youth programs to benefit more students
5. Increase public access to our music and arts programs

Please be aware that more information about each goal is being prepared and will be added to the short descriptions below. Some of the details will be provided soon, while other information may take longer. Please refer to the descriptions frequently as updates will be posted.

Founders of the Houston Museum of Culture will establish the most provident museum in the city. The museum will come to rank among the best in the nation by utilizing new and innovative techniques to examine the cultural histories of people throughout the region, with an emphasis on the past, present and future of the fourth largest U.S. city and the profound changes it has brought to our diverse ways of life. LEARN MORE

The Digital Story Resource Center will become the most comprehensive digital media resource in the region. The center promotes community uses of digital technologies to express ideas, explore issues, tell family stories and bridge cultural divides. The center will develop a multifaceted media series called 'Houston Story' and partner with the Artery Media Project to preserve unique cultural interests. LEARN MORE

Camp Dos Cabezas provides children from at-risk communities with the experience of a lifetime to help them achieve success in their lives. We will establish a permanent base to extend camp activities to thousands of children and build an education center to allow participants to chronicle their experiences, which will be shared to promote understanding with peers across the country and around the world. LEARN MORE

The future of Houston depends on the positive outlook and opportunities for youth. By expanding school programs and partnering with Kids Write to Know, we will empower more students to improve their communities. Youth initiatives through this important center help children develop their interests and communication skills, and promote increased graduation rates and college attendance. LEARN MORE

Great music and arts are an important part of the identity of our city and region. Houston Institute for Culture will increase access for many underserved and marginalized Houstonians to the highest caliber of arts in large public venues and unique art spaces. To promote greater interest and cross-cultural experience, we will increase in-school programs with noted authors, artists and musicians. LEARN MORE

What You Can Do
Houston Institute for Culture's Vision for Houston 2010-2020 is an extremely important and ambitious plan to improve our communities and bring national and international prominence to the city. This effort requires leadership, outreach and funding.

Contact Houston Institute for Culture if you have leadership abilities and would like to organize significant aspects of the goals presented. This includes holding fundraising events, building founding committees (such as the Friends of the Houston Museum of Culture), organizing presentations to influential Houston organizations and community leaders, and preparing marketing and media campaigns.

You may also submit your contact information on our Volunteer Page.

Funding and outreach are critical to this effort. Please pass this information on to others and contact us to learn about more ways to be involved.

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