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The Houston Museum or Culture will be Houston's most beneficial and impactful institution in the future. It is currently in the founding stage; funding campaigns are being developed. There are many roles for founders. Contact us if you are a visionary and accomplishment-oriented person. People of all backgrounds are desired to make this process effective and inclusive.


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The Prospectus and Plan of Action is available on line at

A 260kb PDF may be downloaded and printed or shared with others by email.

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What You Can Do

There are three stages in the establishment of the Houston Museum of Culture: the Founding Stage, Funding Stage and Building Stage. Each of these are described in the Prospectus and Plan of Action.

The Founding Stage is the most critical. Those who take the small step to support the Houston Museum of Culture from the beginning ensure that the museum will be realized. There are three things you can do:

Be a Founder
The role of founders is to prepare for stage two, the Funding Stage. Founders will contribute to the vision and goals of the museum, and establish the project office, with a fundraising staff and marketing materials needed. The donation level required to be a founder is intentionally modest, so that most everyone will have an opportunity to be part of this provident and historic effort.

Spread the Word
In the Founding Stage we want to reach out to as many communities as possible across the city and region. Your help is needed. Please tell people about the Facebook page and the Vision for Houston website,

Fliers are available for distribution. We truly appreciate your help with this outreach. Printable materials, as well as the Prospectus and Plan of Action will soon be available on the website.

Plan a Presentation
We are seeking opportunities to give presentations to university departments, organizations, civic associations and many more groups to present the benefits and potential the Houston Museum of Culture will provide the city and region. We will seek endorsements and letters of support from individuals and organizations, as well as the opportunity to create networks and distribute literature about the museum.

Contact us to schedule a presentation for your organization. If you need materials to present at a meeting to get the presentation on a future agenda, please let us know.

The founding donation amounts have been consciously set at modest levels, beginning at $125, to allow for participation from the widest spectrum of Houston.

We know there are many Houstonians who can give more and will want to support this effort on a much larger scale. Additional donations are greatly appreciated. There will be many opportunities in the next stages, as we fund the museum on a larger scale, begin construction and install exhibits. Many opportunities are outlined in the Prospectus and Plan of Action. Other opportunities will be realized as we hold events to involve founders and bring together vast contributions to the collective vision for museum activities.

From the founders, we will draw on the talent and resources needed to move the next two stages along. It is critical to show your support early so that we can launch into the next stages quickly.

Funding and outreach are critical to this effort. Please pass this information on to others and contact us to learn about more ways to be involved.

Email mark[at] or call 832-429-4432.

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