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Camp Dos Cabezas takes place in the inspirational landscapes and historic settings of New Mexico and Arizona. Fourth and fifth grade students are nominated by teachers for their potential to do well in school, though they face factors that may hold them back. During the camp, the students visit national and state parks, museums and research centers. They learn about environment and geology while hiking in the parks. Hikes progressively become longer each day, leading up to a memorable accomplishment where the students are involved in the logistical planning for the last hike through a wondrous landscape. They build practical skills and gain a sense of independence and self esteem. Students take photos and write journals about their adventure. They are encouraged to develop interests from the vast possibilities they experience on the trip.

Once the students have remained active in school for three years, they are invited to apply for a scholarship to attend a more advanced camp. This helps them know the value scholarships can bring them and learn the process to apply, even before they start high school. Taking place in southwest Colorado, Camp Chaco surveys the lifeways of the Ancient Puebloans in Chaco Canyon and Mesa Verde National Park (UNESCO World Heritage Sites).


The primary goal is to increase scholarships to Houston area youth. We additionally plan to establish a permanent camp to increase the numbers of student participants from across the southwest by encouraging more non-profit organizations to utilize the camp. Having prepared camp facilities, suggested itineraries and curriculum in place will make increased use possible. There will additionally be opportunities for university students to serve as mentors for youth. And university departments may develop ecological research programs for college students.

The camp will be environmentally friendly and energy efficient. An education center will serve as a meeting house and classroom, where students will participate in cultural exchange and communication programs with national and international peer groups. Retired adults will be involved in the supervision and operation of the camp, which in certain seasons may host adult groups of ornithologists, history buffs and photo enthusiasts.


A plan and prospectus is in development and will be provided soon.


Learn more about Camp Dos Cabezas.

Read Airel's 2009 Camp Journal.

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